Timex x Coca-Cola Vintage Watch In 3 Commemorative Styles

The Timex x Coca-Cola collection shows vintage-style watches. These are limited and convey the memory of the unit that was conveyed in 1971. The designs of the three models, which differ in color and shape, are accordingly inspired.

Colorful and fresh

Coca-Cola presented a connection and unity in the 1971 Hilltop commercial. It should express that love, peace and harmony are an essential part of being human and that the company builds a bridge between individuals with its drink. This is exactly how you do it with the Timex x Coca-Cola models. They should connect and bring people into a conversation.

He produced three models for the Timex x Coca-Cola collection. The digital Timex T80 has a square housing and shows the colorful world of Coca-Cola around the digital display. The silver housing on the outside offers a pleasant contrast. In addition to the rather timeless design, the melody from the said commercial can also be played on this version. 

The other two models are manufactured in a round case. The classic Timex Standard is presented in a rather minimalist design and the Q Timex is nostalgic with a wide bezel. For their part, both have clear elements, as can be expected from a collaboration between Timex x Coca-Cola. The dials of the two clocks are correspondingly colorful.

The manufacturer specifies the dimensions of the time indicators for the Timex T80 34 to 35 mm, for the Q Timex 38 to 39 mm and for the Timex Standard 40 to 41 mm. In terms of color, the watchmaker offers a version for each watch in the order listed: silver, cream and black.

A timepiece to start a conversation: Timex x Coca-Cola

With their new collection, Timex and Coca-Cola have their finger on the pulse. Because, like the drink, these watches are also an opportunity to start a conversation. At least that’s what those responsible see in the clocks in this regard. In addition, they make an excellent souvenir or collector’s item. 

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