The Best Skin Care Tips For The Winter Season

For me, skin care and running go together in winter and in summer. After all, you want to be healthy and – let’s be honest – look good too. When running as an outdoor sport, our lips and hands are particularly susceptible to cracks, inflammation, pimples and the like. Due to the cold outside and the warm air at home, our skin is extremely stressed and dries out quickly.

In order to meet the special needs of your skin, I have put together tips for care that you can take to heart before, during and after training. At the same time, I knocked on my dear fellow bloggers and asked about their experiences and tricks.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget one thing: every skin is different. Different skin types have different requirements. But in the end it is not about “filling” yourself with beauty products, but about taking care of your skin preventively and sustainably. This makes running easier for you, so you feel comfortable and completely protected.

My 12 tips for skin care in winter

  1. Protect your hands and nails from extreme cold. Put on gloves and / or put on your skin before running, preferably with a cream containing jojoba oil.
  2. Use a greasy, natural-based care stick for dry and chapped lips. Oils and beeswax are especially good in winter.
  3. For showering, I recommend mild and pH-neutral shampoos, soap-free washing bars or moisturizing bath additives that gently cleanse and prepare the skin for care.
  4. Before applying care products, clean your skin so that it has better blood circulation, breathes better and can absorb the cream or oil better.
  5. BUT remember that excessive washing and cleansing draws moisture out of the skin, so avoid showering excessively long and too hot.
  6. Do not bathe more than twice a week. Bathing puts additional strain on the skin. Avoid bubble baths and prefer to use an oil bath.
  7. Treat your skin to a natural peeling after the shower or bath by rubbing yourself vigorously with a terry towel, this stimulates the blood circulation and removes dead skin cells.
  8. It is best to take your time in the evening for all-body creaming. Your skin is then particularly receptive.
  9. Let your skin “breathe”. All of the care products, shower products, oils and soaps are great for helping the skin cleanse and possibly also heal, but use them sparingly. Your skin is a master at regulating itself thanks to the production of sebum and sweat, as well as the natural protective acid mantle. It cleans and renews itself again and again.
  10. Remember the sunscreen when the sun is shining. Sounds strange, but many underestimate the winter UV radiation.
  11. Drink enough! The water supply to our body is important for healthy skin, among other things. Make sure you drink at least two liters a day.
  12. If you have persistent problems, itching, inflammation or previous illnesses, it is essential to see a dermatologist and do not experiment.


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