Superturf Adventure X Sean Wotherspoon Adidas Sneakers

The “ Jiminy Cricket ” edition of the Superturf Adventure was created due to the collaboration between Adidas and Sean Wotherspoon. A sneaker that is based on the outdoors and scores with various color and geometric contrasts. It also has a practical feature for everyday use.

Made from recycled material and vegan

With the Adidas Originals Superturf Adventure x Sean Wotherspoon, two legendary names come together again. The result is an impressive sneaker that can be worn in everyday life and off the beaten track. Inspired by the outdoors, the Adidas shoe with the SW branding delivers a coherent eye-catcher, which carries the signature “Jiminy Cricket” on the tongue. The latter was the first friend of Pinocchio, the wooden doll that first appeared on the movie screen in 1940.

The design of the Super turf Adventure x Sean Wotherspoon is as adventurous as the story of the two partners Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket. Another interesting thing about it is that it is made from recycled materials and is completely vegan. Accordingly, the upper material of the Superturf Adventure x Sean Wotherspoon sneakers is made of cord, which transports a purple hue. It is enhanced with the help of various geometric shapes that are attached as overlays. Not to be overlooked are the three stripes that are typical of Adidas. These are combined in a rather inconspicuous green with the rest and have zigzag seams.

Another interesting thing about the Super turf Adventure X Sean Wotherspoon is the tongue. This is also made of cord. In terms of color, however, it sets itself apart in blue and green. It also has a zipper with a purple finish. When this is opened, the wearer looks directly at Jiminy Cricket. The design is rounded off with a small pocket that can be attached to the tongue. This is made of orange cord and offers the option of carrying some money, the key, or a smart tag.

More than an everyday shoe – Superturf Adventure x Sean Wotherspoon

The collaboration between the sporting goods manufacturer and Sean Wotherspoon resulted in colorful and practical sneakers that offer added value far beyond everyday life. In addition, the interplay of colors and shapes makes it possible to recall the story of Pinocchio and his friend Jiminy Cricket. Available since mid-September 2021, they can be obtained in various shops. A pair of the outdoors-inspired and speed lacing Superturf Adventure x Sean Wotherspoon are available.

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