Scooterson: The Rolley and Rolley plus e-scooters

With the Rolley and the Rolley +, Scooterson from San Francisco supplies a pleasing e-scooter that also conveys the feeling of a cruiser in addition to smart functions because the user can also take a seat on the scooter. The start-up scores above all with the easy way of driving and charging your e-scooter and the safety.

Intelligent motor control

In addition to the curved aluminum frame that Scooterson produces for their e-scooters. These are custom-made and designed to help the Rolley and the Rolley + achieve optimal handling. In addition, the electric scooter from the US start-up does not need a stand. This is mainly due to the low center point and the wide tires. This is how Rolley and Rolley + are self-balancing.

Both e-scooters from Scooterson come with a 750-watt electric motor that sits on the rear wheel. This helps the electrified scooter achieve a maximum torque of 80 Nm. In addition, artificial intelligence ensured automatic acceleration. Various sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature, compass and a few more are available for this purpose. Combined, optimized driving performance is achieved.

Rolley + as a premium version

The battery that the US company installs in the scooters has a range of around 50 km and 500 charging cycles. However, it can only be removed from the Rolley +. It is therefore permanently installed in the Rolley. According to the manufacturer, the charging time is 3 hours. This means that only the Rolley + can use a range extender by quickly replacing the battery. The manufacturer specifies a top speed of around 30 km / h.

There is also the option of decrypting your e-scooter keyless using Face ID or fingerprint. The possibility to share it with friends or family, find it via GPS, or lock or unlock the vehicle remotely is only possible for users of the Rolley +. It is also interesting that Scooterson uses the app to rent out his e-scooter to friends, work colleagues or neighbors for a fee. This means that “ decentralized e-scooter sharing ” is available.

All details well thought out: Scooterson

Admittedly, what the manufacturer from the USA has packed in his e-scooter is quite impressive. In addition, there is an appealing appearance, which also offers a well-thought-out seat. There are also many accessories. This includes, among many other things, a backpack made of carbon fibers and a golf bag holder. The Rolley + from Scooterson is available via Indiegogo.

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