PinePhone Pro 6 Inch Linux Smartphone For Enthusiasts

After the PinePhone, the new Pine64 flagship, the PinePhone Pro, follows. Equipped with the latest technology, it offers Linux fans, enthusiasts and developers, in particular, a free system to let off steam. Naturally, this is combined with exciting inner work. Which operating system runs on the Linux smartphone, in the end, is up to the user.

More than 20 software options

While Apple shows again with the new iPhone that repairs are undesirable on the user, more and more alternatives appear on the market that gives users a whole new dimension of mobile freedom. Pine64 is one of these providers. With the PinePhone Pro, they are bringing their new flagship smartphone onto the market. Like the Fairphone, it can be opened with a simple Phillips screwdriver and repaired by yourself, thanks to extensive spare parts.

But apart from the usability, the PinePhone Pro is also of high technical quality. Accordingly, Pine installed a 64-bit Hexa-core SoC. This provides 4 x A53 cores and 2 x A72 cores. This SoC comes from in-house production and is named Rockchip RK 3399S. This is combined with an ARM Mali T860 GPU. The focus is clearly on efficiency. In addition to a 128 GB eMMC memory, 4G LPDDR4 memory is also installed.

A 6-inch (approx. 15 cm) IPS panel is installed as the display for the PinePhone Pro. This is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and offers a resolution of 1,440 x 720 p. However, a compromise has been reached on the resolution. After all, more pixels mean more energy that is required for operation. In addition, the device temperature would increase – factors that the manufacturer Pine64 is not prepared to accept. Overall, the PinePhone Pro is 2 mm thicker than the original PinePhone.

It is also interesting that the PinePhone Pro can be connected to an external display via USB-C. This gives the user access to a full-fledged Linux computer, as the mouse and keyboard are also easy to use. The smartphone is delivered with Manjaro Linux. However, far more than 20 other software options from the Linux cosmos are available to the user.

Not for the “average consumer”: PinePhone Pro

With the new flagship from Pine64, there is already a pleasant and high-quality alternative to popular Android and iOS smartphones. The 3000 mAh battery and 13 MP camera are quite mediocre, but that shouldn’t detract from the actual highlight because the Linux-based smartphone is primarily something for Linux enthusiasts. The PinePhone Pro is currently being sold for the US $ 399.

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