Marshall Minor III earphones Typical Sound Without Cables

The exterior of Marshall Minor III is consistent with the usual Marshall creations. They deliver a crisp sound without having to deal with annoying cables. In addition, there is a playing time of over a day and the freedom to concentrate solely on the music.

Plug in and go

We keep taking a look at Marshall’s developments. The company recently presented the Marshall MOTIF ANC with a crystal clear sound and optimal noise suppression. With Marshall Minor III, the Minor series is continued and the cables are left out. Because the earphones, which were already very good up to now, had one. That changes now with the Minion III. With these, Marshall omits the connection and replaces it with the latest Bluetooth technology.

Specifically, this means that Marshall Minion III are equipped with 12 mm drivers and generates a powerful sound. They generate a sound pressure of up to 93 dB and cover the usual frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. In addition, the Minion III, which weighs just 4 g, can be operated via intuitive touch controls. Because there is a touch-sensitive surface on the mirrored earbuds. From here, music is started or the phone call is controlled.

Another practical feature of Marshall Minor III is that it has an automatic pause and playback function. Because the system recognizes when the earphones are in the ear canal or are being removed. In addition, the new addition to the Minion series provides a playing time of 25 hours. Each earbud can be used for a full 5 hours. If necessary, the earphones can then be “refilled” via the charging box. 4 charges are possible.

The charging box itself is also very similar to that of the new Marshall MOTIF ANC. It weighs around 40 g and fits perfectly in almost every pocket so that it can always be with you without any problems. Fifteen minutes of charging corresponds to around 1.5 hours of use. The Minion III itself takes 1.5 hours and the charging box 2 hours to fill up with energy.

Just listen to music: Marshall Minor III.

With the further development of the Minion series, Marshall has again succeeded in creating an authentic earphone that seems to meet its requirements. Although equipped with the typical Marshall sound without active noise suppression, they are aimed at a cost-conscious target group that focuses because on good sound without a lot of frills. As a result, the Marshall Minion III are correspondingly inexpensive.

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