Logitech MX Keys Mini Keyboard Is Only 295 mm Wide

The MX Keys Mini from Logitech is a smart and compact keyboard for everyone who wants quick, uncomplicated, and ergonomically creative. A clear key layout, intelligent function keys, and background lighting should ensure the special workflow. There is also an extraversion, especially for the Mac, with a corresponding layout.

Part of the Master Series

Creating content today means being as flexible as possible. According to the manufacturer Logitech, this is child’s play with the MX Keys Mini. Because the 20.97 x 295.99 x 131.95 (H x W x D) keyboard brings a variety of smart and practical functions and design decisions that enable creative people to generate content or carry out tasks independently and comfortably. In addition, the MX Keys Mini, with a weight of just over 500 g, is practical for transport.

In addition to the minimalist dimensions, the gadget comes with a special key shape. This should not only make the stop smooth but, above all, be precise. For this purpose, Logitech implements a spherical shape of the keys that is ideal for the fingertip. The feel itself is achieved via the rounded edges. In addition, a matte finish is used to enable effortless gliding over the keys.

Apart from the size of the keyboard, which has a positive effect on the posture when typing, the MX Keys Mini offers a few special functions. This includes a dictation button, an emoji button and one to activate or mute the microphone. In addition, the MX Keys Mini has an intelligent backlight. This switches on automatically when the hands approach the buttons and off again when they move away. At the same time, the sensors measure the lighting conditions and adjust the lighting individually.

The keyboard developed by Logitech can be operated for a full ten days on a full charge. If the backlight is switched off, it is up to 5 months in which no charging via USB-C has to take place. The smart keyboard can also be paired with up to 3 devices at the same time via Bluetooth.

Just be creative: MX Keys Mini.

The mini keyboard is also available for macOS. Both versions provide a comprehensive overall package with practical functions. In combination with the MX Master Maus 3, the keyboard can be used on the various operating systems and follows the mouse pointer so that it is always available on the system currently being used. Thus, the MX Keys Mini enables maximum flexibility. 

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