How to Update Apple AirPods (Pro) Firmware

Not only smartphones are improved by software updates, even modern headphones now receive new features and fixes through updates. If you notice persistent problems with the operation or connection quality of your Apple headphones, these may be resolved by updating the AirPods (Pro).

AirPods (Pro): Perform a firmware update – This is how the update works

Usually, the AirPods firmware update happens completely in the background. You will not receive any notification that a new software version is available or that it has been successfully installed. If the AirPods (Pro) are connected to the charging cable and connected to your iPhone in the opened case, the firmware is usually updated automatically. There is no option with which you can trigger the update manually. But you can check whether the current version is already installed:

  1. Connect the AirPods (Pro) to the iPhone and place them open in the case near the cell phone.
  2. Open the settings on your iPhone.
  3. Tap on the General menu item.
  4. Select the Info menu item.
  5. Scroll to about the middle. There you will find the entry AirPods Pro by <name>.
  6. In the following menu, you can see the currently installed firmware version.

If you are still using an older version, just leave your AirPods next to the iPhone for a while while they are charging. In most cases, an available update is then applied after a short time.

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AirPods: update with new features

During its own developer conference WWDC 2020, Apple not only presented many innovations for iOS 14, but also announced a new feature for AirPods Pro users: An update enables spatial audio that is otherwise mainly from 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby Atmos sound systems. In addition, all headphones from the AirPods family will be able to switch between audio sources from different devices. It is not yet clear whether the features will be available when iOS 14 is released.

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