Echo Show 15: 15.6-Inch Smart Display For More Organization

The Echo Show 15 Smart Display is designed to bring a modern way of organization to every home. With a high degree of customization options, the smart gadget provides a harmonious integration of Alexa in the household. It also has a large number of features and can be configured for different people.

Environmentally friendly technology from Amazon

Echo Show 15 is the new flagship device in the series. It comes with a high-resolution 1080 p display, which at 15.6 inches (approx. 40 cm) enables a very good picture in Full HD. Moreover, you can not only experience various advertisements in portrait and landscape format via this. Much more, apart from all the information, it also provides a great opportunity to enjoy entertainment media – and the Climate Pledge Friendly.

It gets creative with Echo Show 15, especially in families. Because each family member creates a visual ID and a voice ID, Alexa uses this to recognize which person is currently calling up information and displays the corresponding data. Appointments, shopping lists, or music that was last listened to are displayed exactly for the current user. Because Echo Show can be customized with various widgets and to-do lists and current projects, sticky notes can also be created, kitchen recipes can be displayed, or the smart home can be controlled.

If desired, the 15.6-inch display can also be turned into a picture frame. Whether personal memories, photos from the family gallery or an art collection, the user can choose to configure his Echo Show 15. It is also practical that Amazon is (finally) prioritizing data protection with the Echo Show 15. There is a slider on the left side of the frame with which the camera cover can be closed. There is also a button to turn off the 5 MP camera and microphone. The data for the virtual ID is also processed exclusively on the device itself. Apple was probably the model.

The design of the 402 x 252 x 35 mm Echo Show 15 looks timeless. It fits seamlessly into the household and, weighing 2.2 kg, can be placed on a stand (optional) or attached to the wall. Inside, an octa-core SoC Amlogic PopcornA works with the Amazon AZ2 engine for neural networks.

Smart organizer: Echo Show 15

With the addition of the Echo family, Amazon provides a significant improvement and more practical functions. Thanks to the integration into the Amazon cosmos, a facility is child’s play and the option of generating each family member’s ID guarantees maximum flexibility. Echo Show 15 is available for pre-order directly from Amazon.

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