Ducati PRO-I EVO 350W Powerful Electric Scooter

The Ducati PRO-I EVO is the first electric scooter from the two-wheeler forge, originating from Ducati Urban e-Mobility. In addition to the decent performance, it delivers high agility and a good range to get ahead in urban traffic. Moreover, thanks to its low weight, it can also be taken with you almost anywhere.

Ideal for commuters

With the Ducati PRO-I EVO, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer, a subsidiary of Lamborghini, is presenting its first electric scooter in the Ducati Urban e-Mobility Line. Elegant lines and a sporty design show its origin and provide information about its initial ideas. Because the modern e-scooter is equipped with a 350 W electric motor, this accelerates the Ducati PRO-I EVO up to 25 km / h.

This is fed by a 36 V / 7.8 Ah battery with a capacity of 280 Wh. The electric scooter should then travel between 25 and 30 km. The range information is always dependent on the driver’s weight, temperature, road conditions, and other things; however, the distance should be sufficient to bring commuters to and from work easily. The Ducati PRO-I EVO offers “Eco” (up to 6 km / h), “D” (up to 20 km / h) and “S” (up to 25 km / h) as driving modes.

These are simply selected using the app suitable for the e-scooter. According to Ducati, a charging cycle for the PRO-I EVO should be between 3 and 5 hours. The electric scooter only weighs around 12 kg. If necessary, it can be easily carried up a few flights of stairs or on the train. The maximum load for the Ducati PRO-I EVO is stated in the datasheet as 100 kg.

Ducati has given its e-scooter a double brake with an e-brake at the front and a disc brake at the rear for a safe ride. These sit on 8.5-inch (approx. 22 cm) wheels. In addition, they are filled with air and accordingly, they reliably absorb shocks and impacts. The frame of the PRO-I EVO itself is made of an aluminum alloy. It also has a colored LED display and LED lights on the front and rear for good visibility.

Smart and agile in the city: Ducati PRO-I EVO

The Italian motorcycle manufacturer is entering a rapidly growing segment of urban commuters looking for simple and reliable mobility solutions with the electric scooter. Sensible technology and, as a signature, the lines to the rear fender also indicate the brand. Anyone interested in the Ducati PRO-I EVO can order it.

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