City Transformer The Mini Electric Car

The City Transformer wants to combat space and parking problems in urban conurbations effectively. The electric vehicle uses a simple trick. It is not only very compact but can also “retract” the wheels. This reduces the space requirement and makes parking spaces accessible that otherwise could not be used. Of course, electric drive power the City Transformer.

Up to 90 km/h fast

The great advantage of the City Transformer is its flexibility. Because in city traffic, it is just as agile as a motorcycle. This is because the undercarriage can be adjusted to the width of the chassis. In “City Mode,” this is 1,000 mm. With a wheelbase of 1,800 mm and a length of 2,500 mm, this creates an agile vehicle with the advantages of a car.

The little electric runabout can be switched to “Performance Mode” for longer and faster journeys. The front chassis is expanded by 400 mm. This brings more safety and driving comfort at higher speeds and long distances. At the same time, the ability to switch between the modes means that parking spaces and parking spaces that are only a little over 1 m wide become interesting.

The City Transformer is driven by a 2 x 7.5 kW electric motor. This enables a maximum speed of a respectable 90 km/h (40 km/h in city mode). Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide any more precise information on the maximum torque. In return, he lets you know that it takes just 5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 50 km/h with the city runabout. Its turning radius is just over 8 m.

The battery, integrated with the City Transformer, should have a maximum range of up to 180 km. The manufacturer also states that it can be charged to around 80% within 30 minutes using the quick charge function. At the classic Schuko socket, however, the process takes up to 6 hours.

Practically economical: City Transformer

The start-up promises a ten times higher chance of finding a parking space for its vehicle. In addition, 4 of their kind can be parked in a conventional parking space. This could save up to 75% of all space in cities. The mobility solution for getting around in cities is correspondingly interesting and practical. However, the whole thing is still a long way off.

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