How The Time Of Flight Technology Works

How The Time Of Flight Technology Works

In the technical descriptions of smartphones, one reads more and more frequently about a so-called ToF sensor or a time-of-flight camera. We explain to you what it is and what the technology can be used for. More and more smartphones use not only ordinary camera lenses on the front or back, with which you can … Read more

Moving & Saving Images on SD Card

Moving And Saving Images On SD Card

The cell phone camera is used every day by many cell phone owners. The internal memory of your mobile phone is filled quickly with lots of photos. So that you don’t have any storage space problems, we will show you how to move your pictures to an SD card or save them directly there. Unlike … Read more

How To Disable Andriod CB Messages

How To Disable Android CB Messages

We’ll tell you how to disable CB messages. The instructions show you step by step how to get rid of the sponsored SMS messages from your mobile operator. This will make your Android smartphone ad-free. Some Android smartphones, often Samsung Galaxy devices, receive so-called cell broadcast messages (CB for short). These are SMS messages from … Read more

How To Detect Noise On The Mobile Phone

Noise Detection On The Mobile Phone

The Android operating system is continuously being updated with new functions. For example, your mobile phone can now recognize noises in the vicinity of the device and display a notification about them. If the sound notifications are activated, the mobile phone checks the surroundings for certain noises. If a corresponding sound is recognized, you will … Read more