Fairphone 4 Sustainable Smartphone With 5G


With the Fairphone 4, the manufacturer of sustainable smartphones is launching its latest model. This follows the previous production principles as well as the latest technology. Accordingly, the Dutch company relies on Android 11 and 5G. In addition, electronic waste is produced neutrally. Anyone who buys a Fairphone is doing something good for the environment. … Read more

Screen Repairs On Cell Phones

Screen Repairs On Cell Phones

Even if cell phone manufacturers want to prevent display damage through protective measures such as Gorilla Glass, broken or cracked screens do occur now and then. If your cell phone display is cracked, you may be wondering how high the repair costs could be. There is no flat-rate price for a display repair. The costs … Read more

Samsung Push Service

Samsung Push Service

If you look at the list of installed apps, you will find many unknown applications on your mobile phone. For Samsung devices, for example, the entry Samsung Push Services is listed there. We’ll explain why this application is preinstalled and whether you can delete it. You can also find the application as a normal app … Read more

User Manual Of Samsung Galaxy A20e

User Manual Of Samsung Galaxy A20

Even entry-level smartphones now offer tons of functions and settings that are not explained in the documents included in the scope of delivery. If you would like to find out more about your Samsung smartphone, you can download a separate instruction manual for the Samsung Galaxy A20e. We’ll show you where to find the PDF … Read more

Moving & Saving Images on SD Card

Moving And Saving Images On SD Card

The cell phone camera is used every day by many cell phone owners. The internal memory of your mobile phone is filled quickly with lots of photos. So that you don’t have any storage space problems, we will show you how to move your pictures to an SD card or save them directly there. Unlike … Read more

Is The Samsung Galaxy A51 Waterproof?

Is The Samsung Galaxy A51 Waterproof

So that your smartphone is better protected from moisture and dust, many manufacturers seal their best cell phones accordingly. How well the device can repel water and dust is often proven with an IP certification. We’ll tell you here whether the Samsung Galaxy A51 is also waterproof and what you should pay attention to. As … Read more