How To Cancel Amazon Music Unlimited

How To Cancel Amazon Music Unlimited

With “Amazon Music Unlimited” access, you can stream and download millions of songs and albums into your headphones. If you’re tired of endless music, we’ll explain how you can cancel your subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited. You can cancel directly via the browser in your Amazon account. This works on the mobile phone both in … Read more

How To Detect Noise On The Mobile Phone

Noise Detection On The Mobile Phone

The Android operating system is continuously being updated with new functions. For example, your mobile phone can now recognize noises in the vicinity of the device and display a notification about them. If the sound notifications are activated, the mobile phone checks the surroundings for certain noises. If a corresponding sound is recognized, you will … Read more

How to Update Apple AirPods (Pro) Firmware

How to Update Apple AirPods (Pro) Firmware

Not only smartphones are improved by software updates, even modern headphones now receive new features and fixes through updates. If you notice persistent problems with the operation or connection quality of your Apple headphones, these may be resolved by updating the AirPods (Pro). AirPods (Pro): Perform a firmware update – This is how the update … Read more

Pairing Airpods With PC

Pairing AirPods With PC

Hardly any headphones are as popular with iPhone users as the Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro. The Apple earphones can also be used on a Windows PC or laptop. We’ll tell you how you can connect your Apple AirPods to your PC. In general, Apple products work best when used within the Apple ecosystem with, … Read more

How You Can Adjust The Loudness Of Apple AirPod’s

How you can adjust the Apple Airpod's Loudness

Some users of the popular Apple headphones report that their AirPods have different loudnesses. We’ll show you what you can do to adjust the balance on your AirPods and fix the problem. Even with Apple’s popular True Wireless Ear Buds, there are occasional minor problems. If your AirPods are loudly different, there could be different … Read more

How To Add Widgets in iPhone Home Screen

Add widgets to the iPhone home screen

With iOS 14, Apple is expanding the widget support for its iPhones. We’ll show you how to bring useful information to the start screen. Until now, the widgets were only available to a limited extent on the “Today” page. With the latest update of the mobile operating system, the information boxes can also be placed … Read more

How To Activate Siri On Your iPhone 11

Activate Siri on iPhone 11

With the help of Siri, you can control many functions on your iPhone by voice without having to pick up your iOS device. In order to use the voice input functions, you must first activate the setting. We’ll show you how to turn Siri on your iPhone. Before the first voice command, the voice assistant … Read more