Set Up Live Photos As A Background

Set up live photos as a background

Live photos are a popular camera feature on the iPhone. Recordings are saved here in several sequences. With a small setting, a live photo can also be set up as the background of your iPhone. To set up a moving background image, you need an iPhone with 3D Touch, i.e. at least an iPhone 6s … Read more

Show iPhone Battery Percentage

Show Iphone Battery Percentage

We’ll show you how to display the iPhone battery percentage. Our instructions apply to all iPhone-X, iPhone-Xs, iPhone-Xr, and iPhone-11 models. Thanks to the change, you can read the battery in numbers and know exactly how much stamina your smartphone still has. With the iPhone X, Apple introduced a new design that has hardly changed … Read more

Save Live Photo As GIF

Save Live Photo As Gif In iphone

With the live photo function, you can create short animations from your photos on the iPhone. Although the effect can be enjoyed in the Photos app on the iPhone, the animations do not work in other places. With an additional app, however, live photos can be converted into GIFs and viewed on Instagram, WhatsApp, and … Read more

Set Up& Delete Bedtime In iphone

Set Up And Delete Bedtime In Iphone

The smartphone not only has to rob you of sleep, but it can also help you find the right time to fall asleep so that you can get out of bed fresher in the morning. With the iPhone, the reminder function is already integrated into iOS. We’ll tell you how to activate bedtime on the … Read more

How To Outsourrce & Deactivate Apps in iphon

How To Outsource And Deactivate Apps In Iphone

So that the storage space of your iPhone is not filled too quickly, there is the setting for swapping apps. We explain to you how outsourcing works, how useful the option is, and how to undo the setting. Unlike other smartphones, the iPhone’s memory cannot be expanded with a microSD card. Once you have decided … Read more

View, Change Or Delete Passwords In iphone

View Change Or Delete Passwords In Iphone

If you log into the service on your iPhone, the password can be saved. So you don’t have to re-enter the corresponding passwords every time. The passwords stored on the iPhone can be displayed for a better overview or as a reminder. We’ll explain where you can find the menu on your iOS device to … Read more

How Can You Hard Reset On The IPhone 8

How Can You Hard Reset On The Iphone 8

Apple has changed the key combination for the hard reset on the iPhone 8. We’ll tell you which buttons you have to press for a restart. If the smartphone gets stuck and a soft reset no longer works on your iPhone, it makes sense to carry out a so-called hard reset. This was always done … Read more