Opal C1 First 4K Webcam With DSLR For The Mac

Opal C1 first 4K webcam with DSLR

For the first time, the Opal C1 delivers a webcam that impresses with a DSLR and has other practical features. Equipped with a Sony sensor, intelligent noise cancellation and beamforming microphones that adjust to the sound of the voice, it is the ideal extension for professional use – from Let’s Play to tutorials. Everything a … Read more

Marshall MOTIF ANC headphones

Marshall MOTIF ANC Headphones

With the Marshall MOTIF ANC, the loudspeaker specialist brings stylish, high-quality wireless headphones. The manufacturer promises a bombastic sound with optimal active noise suppression. The listener should always have the big stage with the custom-fit design and the charging box. Typical Marshall inside and out The wireless in-ears with the significant Marshall “M” on the … Read more

Gucci Ultrapace R Sneaker Doesn’t Like Light, Heat & Rain.

Gucci Ultrapace R Sneaker Doesn’t Like Light, Heat & Rain.

The Italian fashion company Gucci recently released their Gucci Ultrapace R sneakers. Another product in the extensive portfolio is the luxury goods segment. Made from carefully selected materials, it should not just be a fine shoe but stimulate and inspire. However, according to Gucci, there are a few things to consider with the expensive sneaker. … Read more

Copy & Paste Messages On WhatsApp

If you have an interesting message on WhatsApp that you want to paste into another app or if you want to post content from another source in Messenger, we will show you how to copy and paste a message on WhatsApp. If you want to respond to something that has already been written directly in … Read more

Using WhatsApp Without A SIM Card

Using Whatsapp Without A Sim Card

If you want to chat with your friends on your mobile phone, you can hardly ignore WhatsApp. In order to log into the messenger, you need a mobile phone number. With a little trick, WhatsApp can also be used without a SIM card. Set up and use WhatsApp without a SIM card Although two WhatsApp … Read more

How The Time Of Flight Technology Works

How The Time Of Flight Technology Works

In the technical descriptions of smartphones, one reads more and more frequently about a so-called ToF sensor or a time-of-flight camera. We explain to you what it is and what the technology can be used for. More and more smartphones use not only ordinary camera lenses on the front or back, with which you can … Read more

How To Delete Snapchat Messages

Delete Snapchat Messages

In the popular Snapchat app, you can send your friends messages, stickers, emojis, snaps, and more. You can read here when your messages will be deleted and how you can delete a Snapchat chat yourself. With Snapchat, chats between two people are deleted by default when both have opened the chat and left it again. … Read more

Sign Out From Gmail In Mobile Phone

Sign Out From Gmail In Mobile Phones

While you can quickly log out of the Gmail account on the computer in the browser, logging out of the Gmail app on the mobile phone is more cumbersome. We’ll show you how to log out of your Gmail account on your mobile phone. Smartphones do not have their own function for logging out. If … Read more