Astro Amazon Robot For The US $ 999

The smart robot from Amazon goes by the name Astro. The ” household robot ” should be equipped with a few functions and act as an inconspicuous companion in the apartment or house. It is a partner of the mail-order giant, which offers a lot of functions like Echo Show – just not stationary, but mobile.

Like Echo Show – only on wheels

With Astro, Amazon brings a digital helper right into the middle of society. If desired, this home robot, equipped with a large display as a face, follows the owner. His facial expressions are transported through 2 circular virtual eyes, which can change depending on his activity. Similar to the new Echo Show 15, the robot also uses a visual ID to distinguish between different people in a household. Thus, in addition to its entertainment capability, it is a kind of rolling echo.

In addition to a microphone and camera, the Astro also has various sensors onboard to move safely through its home environment. So he puts emergency braking, avoids people and objects and independently finds his charging station. In addition to providing information and entertainment, the Robo is primarily intended for monitoring the home. To do this, he does his rounds like a security guard and uses a periscope camera to report suspicious content.

Protection of privacy

The user himself has access to the helper at any time – even remotely – to check things. In the promotional video from Amazon, for example, it is shown that the stove is checked or a visitor is checked. As a safety function, Alexa Guard can also issue an alarm when the noise of broken glass or when the smoke detector emits a signal. Ring Protect also helps to capture the whole thing on video.

On the subject of data protection, Amazon states that Astro processes most of the data locally. In addition, as with the Echo Show 15, the microphone and camera can be switched off if necessary. Furthermore, there should be various privacy settings with which the user experience can be individualized.

New family member: Astro

In the future, robots will increasingly be anchored in our lives. This trend will continue to gain traction. The Amazon robot is another step in this direction. Even if it can’t do much today besides patrol, music playback and video calling, it will soon be an interesting addition, especially for families. Because Amazon, in particular, could serve as a key to getting the Astro into households. After all, thanks to Amazon Kids, he can play and interact with children. So far, Astro can only be pre-ordered in the USA. It is still unclear when it will be available.

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